Multiload Spectrum

DALI But Different

A full suite of non-commissionable DALI lighting controls

Multiload Spectrum

Product Suite

Made in Britain, Multiload Spectrum is a ground-breaking range of DALI products that have been two years in the making.

This flexible solution disproves the myth that DALI requires expensive and complicated setup costs — negating the need for specialist commissioning software and tools or third parties to be involved with the configuration and setup of the control devices.

Many of the products can be used as standalone devices and work seamlessly with other manufacturers’ DALI equipment to create a complete DALI system.

Multiload Spectrum also allows the installer to set the DALI groups and individual aspect of each device via a rotary group dial and broadcast/group switch.

The range comprises a DALI Power Supply Unit, DALI Relay, DALI Switch Interface, DALI PIR, DALI Rotary Dimmer and DALI Phase Dimmer.

This end-to-end solution offers a new take on DALI: a flexible range of products that require little to no commissioning yet provide all the benefits of DALI control.

DALI Power Supply Unit (PSU)

A DALI Power Supply Unit (PSU) provides a DALI DC voltage to the DALI control devices. The device is available in both DIN-rail and in-line versions and is rated at 250mA.


DALI Phase Dimmer

The DALI Phase Dimmer is a 300vA device designed to drive non-DALI lamp loads, including incandescent lamps such as LED retrofit lamps. Leading and trailing edge dimming compatible with most DALI lighting control manufacturers’ systems, as well as the Multiload Spectrum system.


DALI Rotary Dimmer

Multiload Spectrum ColourDIM is a DALI rotary module dimmer that will fit the MK Grid Plus and others. It will also mount to any flat accessory plate. Works in both ‘Broadcast’ and DALI ‘Group’ mode, meaning it can work with any other Multiload Spectrum product. Works with tuneable white drivers and has configurable dim rates for on/off and minimum light level.



Our Multiload Spectrum DALI PIR comes in three variants, all the same size but with different lenses for 6m, 8m and 12m diameter ranges. Works in ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Group’ mode, and you can add secondary devices to a master if required. Time delays are configurable along with the ‘Mode’ of operation, as outlined in the the Handset overview.


DALI Relay

DALI Relay 16A resistive/10A inductive is used for the control of non-DALI loads. The relay is a latching, volt-free contact. Can be used standalone or as part of the Multiload Spectrum system. Comes in both DIN-rail and in-line versions.


DALI Switch Interface

The Multiload Spectrum DALI Switch Interface unit sits in the same back box that any traditional switch is fitted to. The unit is only 44mm x 20mm x 12mm.The module works exactly the same as the ColourDIM rotary module dimmer but allows for two switch gangs of control when used in the ‘Group’ mode.The product is also available as an emergency test device, giving you the facility to send both ‘Function’ and ‘Duration’ DALI commands to DALI emergency luminaires.



The Multiload Spectrum Handset provides control through the Passive Infrared Detector via infrared commands.

The unit has two configurable options: ‘Setup’ and ‘Mode’. ‘Setup’ allows for the time-out delay to be configured. ‘Mode’ allows for the operation to be set for any of the following:

Mode 0 — Slave to another sensor
Mode 1 — Occupancy
Mode 2 — Occupancy (with last-level recall)
Mode 3 — Absence
Scene recall — 1-5 (with tuneable white).


Bluetooth App

The Bluetooth App provides user control over the Multiload Spectrum control system via the DALI PIR unit, including on/off control, brightness, colour temperature and scene recall of up to five scenes.

The sensor works in ‘Presence’, ‘Absence’ or ‘Presence with last-level recall’. Timeout can be set from 10 seconds to 90 minutes.

DALI group settings can also be set with the Bluetooth App.

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